I booked my flight to Lisbon roughly two months ago but it feels like this trip came around fast.

My day started with working from 7 am – 3:30 pm, then a quick dash home to change my clothes and finish packing my backpack. I usually drive myself to the airport but I opted for Uber this time because the cost of parking my car in the airport for 7 days was about equal to a round trip with Uber.

I arrived at the airport on time and thanks to my global entry status, I qualified for TSA precheck and breezed through the security line. Not to mention, I did not have to take off my shoes or remove my laptop from my bag! Talk about how to make a girl feel special :-). Global entry is totally worth it if you do, or plan on doing a lot of international traveling. It saves you a lot of time in customs when you return from those really long trips.

They both cost about the same to get, here is an article that compares them both. I opted for global entry because of my plans for international traveling. It cost me $100 but as a perk from my chase sapphire reserve card, I got a credit back for it, so I essentially got it for free.

Another  “élite” status I recently acquired is my priority pass card, yet another perk from my chase sapphire reserve card. The priority pass gives you access to hundreds of airport lounges all across the country. Each lounge is different but for the most part, they all come with internet access, snacks and/or refreshments, alcohol, and a comfortable chair to relax before your flight.

In bigger airports, some are equipped with showers, which is exactly what I need after a really long international flight. My flight connects in London Heathrow airport tomorrow afternoon and I plan on stopping by one of their shower equipped lounges. My flight boards in a few minutes, see you in a few hours!


Quick update – I got a whole row to myself, my bed for the next 8.5 hours!